Install Java Package in Ubuntu Offline

Refrensi bagus untuk ubuntu linux ( install java6 )

To install Sun Java using pre-packaged debs in vanilla installation of Ubuntu 8.04 without an Internet connection you will be required to satisfy a few dependencies. To view the list of dependencies and recommended packages you can use Ubuntu Packages Search and search for a top level package, in this case it is sun-java6-plugin. Download the following six .deb files to successfully complete the installation offline:

1. sun-java6-jre_6-06-0ubuntu1_all.deb
2. sun-java6-bin_6-06-0ubuntu1_i386.deb
3. sun-java6-plugin_6-06-0ubuntu1_i386.deb
4. java-common_0.30_all.deb
5. unixodbc_2.2.11-16build1_i386.deb
6. odbcinst1debian1_2.2.11-16build1_i386.deb

You can locate these either through Ubuntu Packages Search or download them directly through Ubuntu Archive:

If you try to install Sun JRE by double clicking on the package you will notice that it is dependent on Sun BIN, which in turn depends on Sun JRE creating an infinite loop. To combat this create a folder (i.e. “java”) on your Desktop and copy all six files to it. Now launch the terminal and navigate to the the folder you created.

masukan semua hasil download kr direktory misal nya /documens/java6

ketik sudo dpkg -i *

untuk installasi,

selamat java sudah terinstall di ubuntu anda.

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One Response to Install Java Package in Ubuntu Offline

  1. kafein says:

    download debnya dimn bang?

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